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Elevated Luxury: Your Backyard Reimagined!

Impressive Pool Remodeling – Prosper, TX, Homeowners Deserve Elevated Luxury

Homeowners in Prosper, TX, want to create a backyard oasis to help them relax and unwind after a long, stressful day. Gardens are just one option, but swimming pools are the best solution. Benjamin Parker Custom Pools & Patios can help you update your space based on your unique preferences.

Do you want fire pits, outdoor kitchens, decorative concrete, and water features? Your backyard is where you’ll spend time with family and friends, and you should personalize the space based on your needs.

Our custom pool builders also offer pool remodeling services, breathing life into your aging pool with additional features. Revitalizing your pool’s appearance, appeal, and functionality is one way to bring more happiness to your home.

Transform Your Swimming Pool into Something More Modern

Pool renovations are something many homeowners need at some point.

While you may not need an entirely new pool, you might decide to install new plumbing lines, a covered patio, LED lighting, or a water feature.

Our Prosper, TX, pool builders specialize in breathing new life into your pool. Whether you have worn-out features that reduce energy efficiency or an outdated design you dislike, our experienced team can transform your backyard space into something extraordinary.

Focus on Functionality and Aesthetics

We understand the unique Prosper, TX, lifestyle and climate and how those might affect you. Therefore, our pool renovations are tailored to the region and your requirements. Custom pools are something everyone should enjoy. Whether you like outdoor kitchens or simply want a different pool design, our team will do a fantastic job.

How Prosper, TX, Pool Remodeling Can Benefit You

Your custom swimming pool builder in Prosper, Texas, can handle remodeling jobs, as well. Transform your outdoor living spaces into something amazing with our services.

We don’t just focus on aesthetics; we make sure you get exceptional customer service and a pool that meets your needs. Here are some of the reasons to consider pool renovation:

Upgrades to Pool Equipment

Though you likely focus on the pool itself, you also have to consider the pool equipment. Things such as lighting, fencing, and non-slip surfaces will enhance the safety of your backyard pool and help protect your loved ones.

More Functionality

Many homeowners think they need a complete pool build, even if they already have one in the backyard. However, we can help you add water features, improve energy efficiency, and update the pool’s circulation system.

If custom pools weren’t in your budget initially, we can make the necessary changes now. Work closely with a pool builder in Prosper, Texas, to create an outdoor kitchen, spa, and other features.


Does your current pool match your preferences and lifestyle? If not, our swimming pool builder can incorporate the elements you want to make it yours.


Custom pools are designed to look good for years to come, but that doesn’t always happen. If yours seems outdated, we can make pool repairs and transform it into an oasis using the latest trends.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Request a free estimate to add outdoor kitchens, a patio, spas, and updates to the pool.

Higher Property Value

A pool renovation can raise your property’s value. Potential buyers often like the idea of custom pools already built. If you decide to sell your TX area home, you could ask for a higher buying price because of your pool.

Our Process for Pool Renovations and Remodeling

Here are the steps we take when you work with a pool builder to transform your outdoor living space:

Free Consultation

We start by discovering your vision and goals for your swimming pool project. This includes assessing the pool’s current state and providing recommendations.

Planning and Design Phase

Whether we’re tackling an outdoor kitchen project or updating custom pools, our designers create a plan that will bring your vision to life. This includes factors like materials, layout, and lighting.

Choosing Appropriate Materials

Our pool builders are familiar with various high-quality materials, features, and finishes.

Pool Construction Phase

Pool construction is the next step. A custom pool builder will execute the plan you’ve approved to ensure that each detail is perfect.

Quality Checks and Finishing

We want your outdoor space to meet all of your needs. Therefore, a pool builder will check everything and complete the job efficiently.

Why Choose Benjamin Parker Custom Pools & Patios

Our custom pool builders don’t just help with new builds in Texas. We can handle your pool remodel to update your outdoor living space. You receive:

  • Customization – We know you have unique preferences and will tailor our designs to meet each client’s needs.
  • Expertise and Experience – Our team has years of experience in the industry and stays updated on the latest technologies and trends.

Unveil the Potential of Your Current Pool

If your existing pool is looking a little outdated or you want to add new features, our custom pool builders are here to help. Prosper, TX, is warm and inviting, so having a dream pool can help you relax and truly enjoy your outdoor living experience.

Schedule your consultation today to update your pool and bring more enjoyment to your life!